LMSC Abogados
LMSC Abogados
LMSC Abogados

Practice Areas

We develop our work in the following areas:

Real Estate

Advice in Real Estate matters, property development, urban leases, condominiums, etc.


Advice in all aspects of Taxation, including the assistance in the event of inspections and claims, and evaluation of the fiscal repercussions of any matter.


Administrative procedures, submission of claims of any type under administrative jurisdictions.


Advice in all fields of Private Law, rights of individuals, family law, inheritance and succession rights, obligations and civil contracts and civil liability and tort law.


Design of litigation strategy and management and rights and interests of clients before the Courts of all jurisdictions, civil, criminal and administrative.

Contact Us

Ed. City Centre
Santa Ana, 1
29602 Marbella
Málaga - Spain

Tels: +34 952 77 10 45 / 30 31
Fax: +34 95 277 10 12

E-mail: info@lmsc-abogados.com

LMSC Abogados

Santa Ana, 1 - Ed. City Centre • 29602 Marbella - Málaga - España
Tel: (34) 952 77 10 45 / 30 31 • Fax: (34) 95 277 10 12